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Real Estate Related Legal Services

Anthou Legal offers a comprehensive array of real estate-related legal services, from representation, negotiation, drafting and execution of sales agreements, deeds, installment contracts, easements, rights of way, rent to own and lease agreements; to mortgages, notes and loan collateralization, tax assessment appeals, title clearance, equitable redemption (unlawful sale), tax sales, sheriff’s sales, foreclosures, hard money lending, oil and gas rights, retention, sale transfer, lending, and negotiations. As an experienced investor himself, Mr. Anthou provides investor-friendly services and advice at a reasonable cost.  

Estate Planning

Attorney Anthou can carefully craft any estate planning, trust, or related documents you, your family members, or your business may require. Ranging from a basic will or power of attorney to a full estate plan, including a personal or family trust, which could be as specific or broad as you require and which could be custom to fit your particular needs and concerns.

When it comes to something as important as estate planning, you’ll want someone who can patiently take the time to understand the uniqueness of your situation. Someone who can ask the right questions and provide the right answers. Someone who can design a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient plan that can be easily modified or amended over time, as situations may require, due to unexpected changes. Someone you can trust. Someone who is by your side. 

Mr. Anthou will prepare new or review any existing documents: estate plan, trust, will, power of attorney, or health care directive (living will) for a reasonable fee which can also be credited towards any future service you may require. 

Anthou Legal also welcomes new estate administration, and probate clients, and often makes arrangements to visit clients at their homes, nursing home, hospital, or other treatment facilities, as may be necessary and expedient best to serve the client’s best interests and needs.   

Business Formation / Consulting

Anthou Legal provides individuals and businesses advice on how to start, maintain, grow, and achieve continued success. If you’re not sure if you should form an LLC or a Corporation, we can help. With the right knowledge, you can lay the proper foundation for your business to thrive. We also aid existing businesses with representation as general counsel, negotiations, correspondence, and buying and selling of businesses and professional practices and their assets, whether in whole or in part.

Real Estate Brokerage Services

Mr. Anthou offers a full range of real estate brokerage related services. Including listings, sales, and leasing of all types of properties including residential, multi-unit, commercial industrial, farms and acreage, through the Anthou Real Estate Team at COLDWELL BANKER REAL ESTATE SERVICES, located in Peters Township, PA

Real Estate Appraisal Services

Mr. Anthou is also a Real Estate Broker/Appraiser Licensed in the State of Pennsylvania. He provides real estate property valuation and appraisal services. Although capable of handling simple single-family valuations, he primarily provides custom, specialized, non-lender oriented (Non-FIREA), property valuation reports, including, past, present and future market values, primarily as evidence in tax assessment appeals, as an expert witness in support of divorce, business dissolution or sale, IRS, PA Dept of revenue litigation, or other cases or matters were unusual or unique circumstances/properties are at issue; and/or, where standard property valuation techniques are difficult or impossible to apply effectively. Some examples are factories, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and steel mills, etc.

Oil And Gas Law

Our team represents land and mineral rights of private owners and all business entities. We will ensure that you are fully informed when asked to make mineral right transfer sales and leasing decisions. We review, negotiate, and prepare lease contracts for subsurface oil, gas, coal, limestone, or other minerals as well as for surface access rights and timber.

Land Use / Zoning

Need assistance with a new development, building, or existing construction project?

We can successfully guide you through the maze of regulatory red tape to ensure compliance and not violate local planning, use, or zoning laws. Although some municipalities now ascribe to standardized national codes, most have widely differing rules and certain special exceptions, requiring specific permits and procedures for various buildings and areas. We can help you resolve disputes from boroughs, townships, cities, the state or PENNDOT regarding the use or development of residential, commercial, or other property.

Eminent Domain

If a governmental or other entity is attempting to force the sale or transfer of your property, either with or without your consent, you need someone who understands Pennsylvania’s regulations on Eminent Domain and the defense of property owners’ rights. We help defend and protect property owners threatened by eminent domain and ensure that each property owner is compensated to the fullest extent allowable by law. 

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